An introduction to East-West Seed in India

East-West Seed first explored commercial opportunities in India in 2002, with the introduction of bitter gourd, ridge gourd, marigold, and cucumber varieties. The outstanding performance of these hybrids in India's agronomic conditions, as well as their potential in the market, were swiftly recognized. East-West Seed also introduced Arrow Gold and Maxima Yellow marigolds, the quality of which has significantly increased farmers' profits. As a company, we are renowned for our innovation; employing the latest cutting-edge seed technology and offering a wide portfolio of products. East-West Seed India introduced large-scale commercialization of encrusted onion seeds, and were the first company to introduce encrusted marigold seeds into the Indian market.

Knowledge transfer activities in India

Knowledge transfer activities in India are all about empowering marginal farmers with knowledge to enable them to increase their income through commercial vegetable production. We demonstrate modern practices of vegetable production; including drip irrigation techniques, pesticide reduction, cost minimization, product grading for better market prices etc. East-West Seed combines all of this to ensure farmers receive more sustainable and profitable returns.

Activities started in 2016, in Maharashtra and Odisha. Working together with like-minded partners, promoting rural economic development through market-based solutions, we intend to expand our activities into other states.