An introduction to East-West Seed in Myanmar

Since entering the market through local distributors in 2005, East-West Seed has developed a leading position in Myanmar. Testing varieties, training farmers, and improving widespread access to quality seed across the country are the main activities in Myanmar. The biggest barriers to increasing profits for smallholder farmers are poor cultivation techniques, weak market linkages, and a lack of awareness on the benefits of using improved varieties. In such a challenging environment, where the majority of farmers have little or no access to advisory services, our company takes a lead in promoting the adoption of improved seed varieties and farm practices. Sharing technical knowledge has become an integral part of our long-term business strategy in Myanmar.

Knowledge transfer activities in Myanmar

Since 2012 our company has supported knowledge transfer activities in Myanmar through a peer learning approach. We provide intensive and long term knowledge transfer services, with a focus on farmer-led technical demonstrations and village based training to share more profitable and sustainable practices with farmers.

We are currently focusing our activities in Shan state, Nay Pyi Taw, Pyay, and Rakhine, but further programs are also planned amongst others in Kayin, Labutta, Kachin, and Magway. To increase our impact, East-West Seed cooperates with like-minded organizations to promote rural economic development through market-based solutions. In addition, we maintain close dialogue with the government and we’re an active member of working groups such as Grow Asia and the Vegetable Sector Acceleration Taskforce (VSAT). We believe linking education and industry plays a critical part in the future of agriculture for Myanmar. With this in mind, we work closely with Yezin Agricultural University and State Agricultural Institutes to support practical demonstrations, scholarships, and seminars.