Yupin (41)
is one of our trained key farmers in Phrae, Thailand. Inspired by seeing her friend’s success as a key farmer with us, Yupin herself has been involved with East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer activities for two years now. “My friends’ enthusiasm about the project was the reason I decided to join,” she shared when asked what prompted her to get in touch with our field staff.

Before joining us, Yupin produced rice, tobacco, and corn with a total net profit of USD900 per crop cycle. Our knowledge transfer staff introduced her to the benefits of growing hot pepper, cucumber, and yard long bean. While the new yard long bean and cucumber crops are still in their trial phase, Yupin has already achieved great success with her new hot pepper yields. By adopting the latest techniques shared by the knowledge transfer team, Yupin is more certain of having a fruitful harvest of corn than before as well. In total, she now earns an additional income of USD1,700 per crop cycle.

Having seen proof of success, Yupin will continue to be engaged with our activities for the long run. Inspired by her successful development, other farmers also decided to get involved with the knowledge transfer activities. Most farmers, however, reach out directly to Yupin and tap into her knowledge one-on-one. This aligns with our belief that knowledge is best shared farmer to farmer. We hope that many more farmers are inspired by success stories like these!