"I could not believe how the quantity and quality of my harvest significantly increased while the production costs remained the same!" shared Anita Wote (42). 

A female farmer from Tobelo, North Halmahera, Anita started farming five years ago. Since she joined the knowledge transfer activities with our vegIMPACT* program, Anita has increased her yield of sweet corn by more than 20%, while her use of fertilizers and pesticides have been drastically reduced by 50%. Her tomato yields have actually doubled. A massive 100% increase, while production costs, particularly for fertilizers, have reduced dramatically.

Distinctive from surrounding locations, Tobelo is the only area where the number of female farmers is much higher than male farmers. The women here are not just engaged in the planting, weeding, and harvesting work- as is common in the village- but they are also actively involved in the land preparation, transplanting, fertilizing and spraying jobs too. These female farmers are extremely eager to develop their knowledge on farming practices and are following the program with total enthusiasm.

Althogether, more than 10,000 farmers across Indonesia are benefiting from vegIMPACT. The same smiles of Anita and her fellow farmers will hopefully grace many more Indonesian smallholder farmers in the future.

*vegIMPACT is a fellow program that East-West Seed collaborate with aimed at improving vegetable production and marketing for smallholder farmers in Indonesia. Through its interventions, vegIMPACT contributes to food and nutrition security as well as to private sector development in Indonesia. Visit their website here for more information.