Farmers Trained Since Jan 2016 (Last Updated: Dec 2016)

We work closely with smallholder farmers in rural areas. Our staff train and coach them, with the aim to improve their efficiency, sustainability, yield, and income. In collaboration with key farmers, we organize workshops, demonstrations and field days to spread knowledge far and wide. All our activities focus on improving farming knowledge and skills to better enhance farmers' quality of life.


In most emerging markets, poor performance of smallholder farmers can be attributed to:


  • High rates of poverty
  • Lack of knowledge on the benefits of improved varieties
  • Poor cultivation techniques
  • Weak functioning of value chains
  • Lack of access to quality agri-inputs

In this challenging environment, knowledge transfer is a precondition to the improvement of farmers' productivity and the development of competitive markets in agri-inputs, including seeds.

Our Mission
To improve the livelihood of smallholder vegetable farmers through services which share unbiased, evidence-based knowledge and information.

Our Vision
We strive to be the partner of choice in the development of a vibrant and sustainable vegetable sector, bringing widespread impact to smallholder farmers.


Proud to be part of East-West Seed

East-West Seed recognizes that access to quality seeds and sharing knowledge go hand-in-hand. The establishment of East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer (registered as a foundation in 2016), synergizes 16 years of experience in farmer training across seven countries.

Farmers that gain access to new knowledge and on-field exposure to better techniques, are often able to double their income through vegetable production. Coordination with the commercial side of the company, enables farmers to have access to high-quality seeds and the best varieties for their area's conditions.

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Doing things better through a new farmer app!

Learning & Improvement never stop at our company! EWS-KT has rolled out the new data system mobile application to collect data on farmers trained!

What do we do with the data? Analyse information, plan better, make decisions and revise training content to make them more tailor fit for farmers. In addition, our farmers can see "Return on Investment" on their demo plots. This application is intended to enhance monitoring which will in turn aid the development process of our training, field days and demonstration fields.